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lunes, 22 de octubre de 2012


Dam Foundation Grouting

Kenneth D.Weaver. Donald A. Bruce Ph.D.

This book provides a state-of-the-practice review of all aspects of drilling and grouting-based technologies used for dam foundation treatment. Like its first edition, the book provides readers with background information and guidance to understand and deal more confidently with issues related to the design, construction, supervision, analysis, and review of grouting programs.

The new edition of Dam Foundation Grouting has been revised to reflect contemporary grouting practice and has been substantially enlarged to include coverage of geologic considerations and to address remedial grouting issues. In addition to providing extensive information on grouting technology, equipment, and procedures, it also provides guidance of specifications and contracts.

Dam engineers, dam construction engineers, grouting supervisors and inspectors, field personnel of dam safety reviewing agencies, and engineering students will benefit from this book.


    - The basic
      A history of Grounting
      Essential Element of a Good Grounting Project
      Grounting as Exploration
      Computer Applications
Geologic and Geohydrologic Considerations
      Site Geology and Geohydrologic Must be Understood
      Site Investigations for Grounting Program Design
      Permeability Assessment for Grounting Programs
      Geologic Conditions affecting grounting Programs
Conceptual Design Considerations
      General considerations
      Test grounting
      Grout Curtain Depth
      Grout Curtain Length
      Grout Hole Spacing
      Grout Hole Orientation
      Single-Row Versus Multiple-Row Curtains
      Grout Caps and Cutoff Wall
      Grout Galleries
      Blanket Grounting and Consolidation Grounting
      Design Standards

Grounting Materials
      Introduction and classification
      Category I  Materials Particulate Grouts
      Category 2 Materials Colloidal Solutions
      Category 3 Materials True Solutions
      Category 4 Materials Miscellaneous
      Final Remarks
Basic of particulate grout mix Design testing and performance
      Basic properties and Parameters
      Testing of Grouts
      Mix design considerations
Grout Injection Pressure
      Controversial Rules
      European Grounting Philosophy
      Contemporary European Philosophy
      Contemporary European Grounting Theory
      European and Other Foreign Grounting Practice
      Relevant Theory from U.S.Practice
      Relevant U.S.Practice
      Conclusions Regarding Injection Pressure
Miscellaneous Factors Affecting Grounting Effectiveness
      Material and Mix Properties Affecting Grout Penetration
      Fracture Characteristic Affecting Grout Penetration
      Procedural Factors Affecting Grouting Effectiveness
      Climatic Factors Affecting Grouting Effectiveness
      Design Factors Affecting Grouting Effectiveness
      Nebulous Factors Affecting Grouting Effectiveness
      Factors Affecting Grout Curtain Durability
      Systems,Methods and Applicability
      Drilling Equipment
      The significance of circulation type and application
      Borehole Deviation
      Recording of drilling progress and parameters
      Final Comments
 Grouting Equipment
      Grout Mixers
      Grout Agitators
      Grout Pumps
      Auxiliary Equipment
      Grout Plants
      Basic Equipment for Grout Headers
      Automated Recording and control systems
      Uplift Monotoring Devices
  Preparation for Grouting
      General considerations
      Excavation and shaping
      Geologic Mapping
      Bedrock surface treatment
      Grout Caps and cutoff Wall
      Grout Galleries
      Access for drilling Grouting and Inspection
      Work Area Protection
      Grout Nipples and Standpipes
      Arrangement of equipment
 Basic procedures for bedrock grouting
      Evolution of bedrock Grouting procedures
      Pattern and sequence
      Bedrock  drilling procedures
      Water-pressure testing
      Bedrock Grouting procedures
      Protection of grount holes
      Soil and embankment grouting Methods
 Supervision and inspection
      Safety considerations
      Duties of data coordinators
      Office facilities for grounting Operations
      Field Laboratory Facilities
      General considerations
      Field Records
      Office Records
      Progress Reports
 Quality Assurance.Quality control and verification
      The review process
      Closure criteria
      Stadistical evaluation procedures
      Detailed evaluation
      Verification Holes
      Quality control testing of grouts
      The final test
  Some considerations for remedial grouting
      Outlook for future remedial needs
      A problem Appears
      The search for causative factors
      Some examples of causative factors
      Basic considerations for remedial Grouting
      Factors Impeding for remedial grouting
      Remedial grouting options
   Specifications and contracts
      General and historical perspective
      Types of specifications and contracts
      Items to be addressed in specifications
      The qualifications and prequalification of bidders
      The nedd for flexibility and a Partnering mentality
      The advisabiliy of independent Technical Review
Observaciones   2007   Edicion Resisada y Amplicada
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Paginas 474
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