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lunes, 26 de noviembre de 2012


Klaus Kirsch,Alan Bell

This strongly practical and established guide to ground improvement, written by acknowledged experts, has been brought right up to date. It covers the major ground improvement techniques currently used worldwide and reflects recent improvements in productivity and control. An overview chapter sets the scene for the student or novice, and adds notes on blasting and ground freezing and on the emerging issue of the impact of improvement techniques on carbon emissions.
The book remains strongly international in scope and with application across the field. It provides sound solutions to problems in tunnelling, excavation, retaining structures, dams, foundations of buildings and structures, control of ground movements, and in earthquake resistance. It is particularly relevant for geotechnical and civil engineers, and contractors working in ground improvement, piling and environmental engineering


Chapter 1
General Introduction (KirsChapter and Bell)
Chapter 2
Vibro (Dr W Sondermann, Keller Holdings)
Chapter 3
Dynamic Compaction (B Slocombe, Keller GE)
Chapter 4
Deep Drains (Chiu Jian, Nanyang University & Dr Raju, Keller Grundbau)
Chapter 5
Permeation Grouting (G Stadler, University of Graz)
Chapter 6
Jet Grouting (George Burke, Hayward Baker inc. & H Yoshida, Chemical Grouting co)
Chapter 7
Soilfracture Grouting (Eddie Falk, Keller Grundbau & C Kummerer, Keller Grundbau)
Chapter 8
Compaction Grouting (Jim Hussin, HBI)
Chapter 9
Dry Soil Mixing (Goran Holm, Swedish Geotechnical Institute & Tony Forsberg, LCM)
Chapter 10
Wet Soil Mixing (M Topolnicki, Keller Grundbau)
Chapter 11
Decontamination methods (R Kalin, University of Strathclyde)

Observaciones   Diciembre 2012   3º Edicion
Medidas 17x24
Paginas 511
Precio  180,00 Euros