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jueves, 21 de junio de 2012

Monitoring Underground Construction
British Tunnelling Society

Monitoring Underground Construction is the only guide to the principles for development, design, implementation and management of monitoring systems employed to manage risks in underground construction for clients, project managers, designers, contractors and asset owners.

Monitoring is often a key risk mitigation measure for the control of construction processes and protection of existing assets affected by excavations. Monitoring Underground Construction is structured to reflect the main stages in a project, from objective setting to operation and management, and highlights the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholders at each stage to help the reader avoid problems which have historically arisen due to omissions in these areas. Case studies from a range of projects are included to highlight the critical role of strategic and well-planned monitoring programmes in the success of any underground construction project.

Approaching the subject at the level of key principles, focusing on setting objectives, strategic planning and the high level specification of monitoring systems, and based on experience gained across a variety of projects, Monitoring Underground Construction:

  • is applicable to all underground works whatever their scale or global location
  • assists users in managing particular monitoring-related risks that occur at each stage
  • discusses the integration of monitoring information with works progress data to facilitate interpretation and management
  • covers monitoring undertaken for a range of different objectives and on behalf of various stakeholders
  • includes summary checklists for each stage of the project.

Providing best practice guidance on the use of monitoring systems, Monitoring Underground Construction is relevant to all those with responsibilities for activities of this type, including clients, project managers, designers and contractors. The guide is also a useful reference for third parties such as insurers and owners or managers of adjacent infrastructure, who have an interest in underground works.


  • Acknowledgements
  • Executive Summary
  • Introduction
  • Objectives of monitoring
  • Principles for planning of effective monitoring systems
  • Considerations for design of effective monitoring systems
  • Considerations for operation & management
  • Conclusions and recommendations
  • Appendix A: Glossary
  • Appendix B: Monitoring system specification checklists
  • Appendix C: Common monitoring problems
  • Appendix D: Monitoring report example
  • Appendix E: Case Histories
  • Appendix F: Bibliography
  • Index
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